Edward Shradar


Edward Shradar is the founding member of ENS Legal Nurse Consulting. His firm, located in San Ramon, CA, has been serving attorneys across the country since 2014. He established the firm to assist legal professionals with their clients who have sustained a personal injury and suffered from medical malpractice.

Mr. Shradar is an accomplished nurse with over three decades of experience in the area of emergency medicine nursing. Throughout his many years in the medical field, he's taken on various positions such as an emergency department staff nurse, a flight nurse, a manager, and a nurse educator. He is also certified as an Emergency Nurse (CEN) a stroke certified emergency nurse (SCRN) and a clinical nurse specialist (CNS). Based on the expertise he's acquired from his experiences, he is able to effectively apply his skills to support or refute medical injuries, recognize and understand standards of care, and identify relevant or missing information in a case.

With a passion for helping others receive quality healthcare, Mr. Shradar contributes by providing in-depth, thorough and high-quality reports for attorneys that advocate for client rights. His flexibility, integrity, and unwavering work ethic set him apart from others and have greatly benefited many of his attorney clients.


  • Duke University, Durham, NC, January 2014
  • Medical Legal Research - Legal Nurse Consultant Program
  • University of California at San Francisco School of Nursing, June 1995
  • Master of Science in Nursing, Critical Care/Trauma Clinical Nurse Specialist Tract
  • Clarkson College of Nursing, Omaha, NE June 1985
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing


  • Registered Nurse California Board of Registered Nursing
  • Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist California Board of Registered Nursing<
  • Certified Emergency Nurse
  • Stroke Certified Registered Nurse
  • Trauma Nursing (TNCC)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support

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Edward Shradar is the sole proprietor of ENS Legal Nurse Consulting. Founded in 2014, the firm’s headquarters are located in San Ramon, CA. A medical legal consulting firm, ENS Legal Nurse Consulting assists defense and plaintiff attorneys on emergency medicine nursing/emergency department medical malpractice. Edward, a Legal Nurse Consultant, has over three decades of experience working in the area of emergency medicine nursing. Over this time span he held various positions as emergency department staff nurse, flight nurse, manager and nurse educator. This experience has enriched him with an in-depth wealth of knowledge on emergency department (ED) standards of care, Joint Commission and government regulations, development and implementation of the electronic health record, ED workflow and complex interdisciplinary team environment to deliver quality patient care.
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