The Attorneys Trusted Resource for Emergency Medicine Nursing Practice and Emergency Department Standards of Care


Case Research

I individualize my research to the details of your case, and will be able to give honest and accurate advice about the merit of the case, its credibility and winnability in court. Once these factors are identified, we’ll work towards developing a strong case to help you and your client achieve a favorable outcome in court.

Trial Depositions

With years of experience in consulting, I understand what information my clients need to build a solid case. My reviews are fact-based and incredibly difficult for the opposition to dispute.

About Us

Edward Shradar is the sole proprietor of ENS Legal Nurse Consulting. Founded in 2014, the firm’s headquarters are located in San Ramon, CA. A medical legal consulting firm, ENS Legal Nurse Consulting assists defense and plaintiff attorneys on emergency medicine nursing/emergency department medical malpractice. Edward, a Legal Nurse Consultant, has over three decades of experience working in the area of emergency medicine nursing. Over this time span he held various positions as emergency department staff nurse, flight nurse, manager and nurse educator. This experience has enriched him with an in-depth wealth of knowledge on emergency department (ED) standards of care, Joint Commission and government regulations, development and implementation of the electronic health record, ED workflow and complex interdisciplinary team environment to deliver quality patient care.
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The Attorneys Trusted Resource for Emergency Medicine Nursing Practice and Emergency Department Standards of Care

Even the most skilled and seasoned attorneys need assistance for complex medical cases. The extensive experience, expertise, and skills we've acquired in the medical field of emergency medicine places ENS Legal Nursing Consulting at the forefront for quality services in California and the Western United States. With over three decades of experience in the area of emergency medicine nursing, and with various jobs under this umbrella, we're properly equipped to educate your legal team about the intricate healthcare delivery system of emergency services.

Our methodologies are invaluable to attorneys handling medical malpractice cases and related cases. We can take on multiple roles in these cases, ranging from an expert witness to a researcher. Whichever way we contribute, our aim is to provide insightful interpretation and analysis to help attorneys develop case strategies and ultimately resolve legal matters. Our consultants have experience in a wide variety of areas of specialty, including cardiovascular emergencies, respiratory emergencies, neurological emergencies, medication errors, psychiatric emergencies, medical emergencies, orthopedic emergencies, resuscitations and more.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a legal nurse consultant at ENS:

  • We produce unbiased work that is based on facts
  • We provide reliable expert witness testimony for depositions and trials
  • We have impressive credentials and extensive professional work experience in a wide range of areas
  • We have an in-depth knowledge of how to locate vital information in the electronic health record, because we developed the electronic health record from its beginning years ago to today's everyday application  
  • We research case-related policies, procedures, terminology, and government regulations so you don't have to
  • We work every day in our clinical practice giving direct patient care in the emergency department, shoulder to shoulder with other dedicated emergency medicine nurses. Many nurse experts/witnesses in this specialty area left the bedside long ago and have become administrators of health care organizations or are working in an academic setting. In return they have lost perspective of what is required to maintain the standard or care. When considering other nurse experts/witnesses ask them when they last took a blood pressure, gave a medication or resuscitated a critically ill patient? You might be surprised or concerned with their answer. Retaining ENS Legal Nurse Consulting will give you confidence that our work truly reflects everyday practice and is beyond reproach.

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At ENS Legal Nursing Consulting we help represent both plaintiffs and defendants. In a sector of law that conflates both the medical and judicial system, let us help you bridge the gap. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

What We Do

The legal world and the medical world oftentimes overlap in medical malpractice cases and related matters. Some attorneys, prosecutors, or judges may need help from an expert in the medical field. 

Relief For You

We produce objective, fact-based work while you handle the legal obligations and focus on practicing. 

Versatile Medical Professionals 

We can educate attorneys on various aspects of the complex healthcare delivery system, including medical emergencies, cardiovascular emergencies, psychiatric emergencies and more.

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We have an in-depth understanding and the required expertise, experience, and skills to save you and your firm valuable time and money. We have a competitive fee structure so don't hesitate to contact ENS Legal Nurse Consulting today.